Our Story

There was a glaring white space in the market. Just staring her down. So Hollin stared right back at it and wondered aloud, "why are false eyelashes so undeserved in this multi billion-dollar beauty industry?" Where do we go to find our eyelashes in this next iteration of beauty? Now that we're moving out of a no-makeup makeup standard and into one that’s all about glitter, color, fun, and the art of being (tastefully) extra - where are the lashes that match? Every department store is chock full of "natural lashes" and the internet houses many a "costume lash" around Halloween. But what if we want high-end lashes that are bespoke and handcrafted? Lashes that are different and fun in an elegant way, not in a cheesy costume-y way? What if we want lashes that are couture, to wear with our couture?

And with that, she set out to create Hollin Lashes. Because, after all, your lashes deserve to play dress up too.