Hollin’s Tips for Applying Your Lashes

Step 1: Use Mascara

Though most MUA’s prefer not to apply mascara before false eyelashes, I prefer to do so for two reasons: One, because the mascara gives the glue something to grab onto that is NOT your natural lash (and in my opinion makes them easier to remove without pulling out natural lashes) and Two, because it makes the base of the lash just a bit stronger and more able to withstand a long false lash.

Step 2: Put More Glue on the Ends of the Lash

This is to solve one of the most frustrating issues with false eyelashes: the ends of the lash curling up on your lash corners. But by adding just a touch more glue to the ends of the lash than the middle, this prevents those lash ends from veering off the natural lash line.

Step 3: Let the Glue Dry for 45 Seconds Before Applying to Eye

Isn’t is the worst when a glob of glue starts to melt from your lashes into your eye and completely irritates it and before you know it you have cried off all of your makeup and are forced to take it off and are back to Square One? Us too. Allowing the glue to dry just a bit before applying it to the lash line prevents this frustrating misstep.

Step 4: Trace the False Lash Over Your Natural Lashes

Instead of trying to lay the false lash straight into your lash line on the first try (which can lead to glueing it up too high and having to squish it down, leaving a trail of sticky glue over all that gorgeous eyeliner and shadow you just applied), instead, try to gently lay the lash on your natural lashes, and scoot it up towards your lid.

Step 5: Leave Lid Halfway Closed for 60 Seconds

We know it is so exciting to see your eye-transformation right after applying falsies, but you must resist! Opening your eyes too soon can lead to leaving a glue trail from your lash line on your crease or brow-bone and, in the most unfortunate of cases, can leave the entire lash up there with it. And then? Grab the makeup wipe because its back to Square One yet again.

Step 6: Rinse and Repeat

Follow the same steps for eye number deux and voilà! Your transformation is complete.